PC Software

VZ1 Patch Editor 75Kbytes This is a prototype of my VZ1/10M Patch Editor and Librarian software. It currently (as of 13th April 1999) will upload and download successfully, store upto 5 banks in memory at once and supports full Voice and Op-Patch editting. I have many ideas for further expansion, including Multi-mode filing/editting, randomizing, copying etc. Any other ideas gratefully received. Click the icon above to download (136K bytes). You will also require VBRUN300.ZIP (226K bytes) if you don't already have it. This version of VZpatch should work on all version of Windows from 3.1 upwards (including 3.11, 95 and 98 - I don't know about NT. If you try it, please let me know). All bug reports and comments gratefully received. Please also let me know if you have any difficulty making it work and I will do me best to help.

Atari ST Software

VZDUMP2.PRG, and its resource file VZDUMP.RSC have been donated by Fred Fee. They are a CASIO VZ utility programme for the Atari ST. This is what Fred says about it:

"I have a MIDI dump program for the Atari that can handle data in X-Or format from any of the VZ series, so that data can be swapped freely between them. I used it to load files from the EasyVeeZee site since they are in X-Or VZ1 VC+OP format and then loaded the voices into my VZ8M. I also used the program to save my VZ8M bank in VZ1 format. Steve's editor uses the .VZ1 extension whereas my program uses .VZB for VC+OP banks from the VZ1 since I made it compatible with the nomenclature used by X-Or."

Thanks Fred.