Casio VZ MidiFiles

On this page I intend to provide Midi files to download that have been specifically authored with the Casio VZ synths in mind.

By this, I mean that all Midi files submitted should ideally use only voices on a Casio VZ machine - no sound card voices or other external synthesizers. The main problem with "normal" MIDI files is that the results are never the same from one persons computer to another and are never normally designed for the very specific sounds and effects that you can get out of a Casio VZ machine.

So, if you've written a piece of music for your VZ machine and would like to submit it to me for inclusion on this page then please do so.

Ideally all submissions should use just the standard internal sound set or possibly the RC100 ROM card as that is quite common. You will need to specify the multi-channel settings in a text file or include the sysex dump produced when you press the multi-channel button on the synth (with Sysex enabled). Files specific to Cakewalk, Cubase (ie including sysex dump) or any other popular sequencer are equally welcome. Alternatively, a multi-channel sysex dump from my VZpatch software (when it supports this) would also be suitable.

If your piece requires a drum backing then a standard General MIDI drum track for playing from a soundcard or external device is acceptable as those are relatively repeatable from one machine to another, but no extra instruments please other than those on the VZ. If your piece requires a self-written VZ voice then obviously this must be supplied too, similar to any multi-channel dump that may be required.